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YouTube Removes Legal Insurrection Video Channel without any ‘Prior Notice’

It wouldn’t be the first time, when the video sharing platform, YouTube, has removed or banned some channel because of copyrights issue, but the founder of the channel has claimed

Nano Environment & Science News

5 Feet Anaconda Found in Virginia Toilet

Suppose, at early morning in the half sleep, you go to the toilet and get to see an Anaconda resting on the toilet commode. What would be your first reaction? Well,

Nano Celebrity & Entertainment News

Former Wham Singer George Michael Dies of Heart Failure

Former Wham Singer, who was highly popular in the 80s and 90s, George Michael at the age of 53 because of heart failure. It has been reported that Michael had

Nano Finance & Business News

PayPal sends a Legal Notice to Indian Startup, PayTM

In India, where after demonetization, people are switching on a large scale to cashless payment modes and one of the mode is PayTM, which has become highly popular all of sudden.

Nano Celebrity & Entertainment News

Kylie Jenner Poses with Huge Snake in Calendar Shoot

The 19 year old, television celebrity, Kylie Jenner, has finally released few photos from the latest calendar shoot and trust me, these pictures are too hot to handle. On Sunday

Nano Finance & Business News

Patagonia plans to donate $10M to charity for environment

Patagonia, the American clothing giant, has announced that the company will donate the $10 million, which was raised during a ‘fundraising campaign for earth’. The company had previously announced that it

Nano Celebrity & Entertainment News

Oscar Winning Production Designer, Paul Sylbert, Dies at the Age of 88

Paul Sylbert, who became very much popular after his win in Oscars for the best Production Designer for “Heaven Can Wait”. As per as reports, he died on November 19 and

Nano Finance & Business News

Apple is calling back iPhone 6S on randomly shutting-down issue

Apple has recently announced that those handsets (only with iPhone 6S) which are suffering from a specific battery problem, causing it to shut down unexpectedly, can be repaired free of

Nano Finance & Business News

Apple is to start production in US soon

Apple has asked the two iPhone assemblers to look into the possibility of manufacturing iPhone in the United States itself and it seems that soon we will get to hear

Nano Health & Medical News

Former doctor reveals that the costly cancer drug don’t help patience

A former doctor, who has a lot of experience in the matter, said recently that the recent costly drug which has been said as the cure for cancer don’t actually

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