YouTube Removes Legal Insurrection Video Channel without any ‘Prior Notice’

It wouldn’t be the first time, when the video sharing platform, YouTube, has removed or banned some channel because of copyrights issue, but the founder of the channel has claimed that the company hasn’t given any prior notice before suspending his channel.


William Jacobson, founder, and publisher of Legal Insurrection website, who is also a Law Professor at Cornell University, said that the company (YouTube) hasn’t notified him about any type of “copyright claims” before suspecting his video channel.

He said, “It’s very frustrating and scary to see the removal of eight years of content and that too without any prior notice”.

As per as rules, the youtube bans the account (channel) if it violates the copyright term’ for three times. But on every violation, YouTube sends a notification to the channel, warning about its content.

Now, in this case, Jacobson has claimed that he only received a notification on Friday, which explained that ‘his video channel has been suspended’.

The several copyright claims were filed by Modern Languages Association (MLA) based on audio posted of a recent MLA vote on a resolution to boycott Israeli universities. The boycott resolution at the MLA Delegate Assembly failed.

In a talk with Fox News, Jacobson said: “the move of YouTube, shows that it’s politically motivated”.

He added, “it is just a fail try to stop our reporting on public issues”.

“we will try every possible thing to get our channel back on youtube. We just can’t afford to lose years of data and that too without any strong grounds”, he added in last.


YouTube, which is a Google property, was found in 2005 and has become one of the majorly used videos sharing platforms across the world.



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