Our team

Managing Editor

Alex Mitchell
[email protected]

Alex Mitchell is the Managing Editor of Nano News Website. He has a wide experience in writing all types of news. He has several years of experience in writing news and aims to cover very interesting stories for the readers, having the main responsibility to keep an eye on the news written by other team members. As far as his education is concern – he is a computer engineer, who has keen interest in content research and Google News most appreciated stories.

News Team:

Emma Lincoln
[email protected]

Emma is professionally a teacher, who use to teach mathematics and science to various schools in Europe, she has been working with us as a news writer for a few months, making great progress, her works being featured in offline magazines. Her field of interest includes writing news about funny and hilarious incidents, which brings smile on our reader’s faces.


Clark Stafford
[email protected]

Another computer engineer who has been writing news for Nano News since the website launched. He has a very strong knowledge in technology and science field, being able to combine business with pleasure, his words are always a pleasure to read. Apart from being a news writer at Nano News, he is also a PHP Developer and also has few personal websites.


Paul Benson
[email protected]

Paul is a part time writer at Nano News and mostly covers high quality health and medical news. He is an expert at researching the most difficult topics and knows how to breach the information in the most easiest way. With Paul , you can stay assure that your health and medical stories are daily updated, but not only these two, Paul is also capable on writing about most of our topics with a great style.


Larry Roberts
[email protected]

Larry Roberts stands as the creative news writer and he mostly aims to provide world related news, which stands on a variety of topics, starting from technology stories to health ones. He has completed his graduation this year and is a part of our organization for a few months. Being able to a fast research, he will surely bring you topics on time every day. With his capacity, Larry even runs a few other blogs of his own, and most of them are on technology fields.


James Pearson
[email protected]

James is a computer engineer who loves to write about the world and incidents which is happening around it. His favorite categories are Technology and Science, but he is way capable in writing on most of them. He loves to travel and explore the world, not only online.


Daniel Kargo
[email protected]

Daniel is the first student in our team always eager to learn more, to write and research even more than necessary.  That’s why he is working with a NGO, which aim to look after the students who don’t much facilities to get education. He prefers to cover most important health topics and other related niches.