Apple is calling back iPhone 6S on randomly shutting-down issue

Apple has recently announced that those handsets (only with iPhone 6S) which are suffering from a specific battery problem, causing it to shut down unexpectedly, can be repaired free of cost at the Apple Authorised Centre.


Now, the first thing you should remember that this ‘free repairing’ is only for those, who fall under this issue i.e. the battery problem, which causing unexpectedly shut down.

Means, if your phone is shutting down because of some other issue, then sadly you have to spend few bucks to get done.

Apart from this announcement, Apple has announced that this issue is ‘not related to safety issue’ but even though, but it can’t be left untouched.

So, to get your battery replaced or repaired, you need to visit the authorized Apple Centre with your iPhone 6S. The phone should be in working condition, without any problem (other than this battery issue, of course).

Users can also call or email, Apple Technical Support to get help on what they have to do for getting it replaced.

As a suggestion, before visiting the Apple Authorised Centre, please take backup of all your data and remove every data from the phone.

But before everything, please note that the service provider will examine your device to check if your device really falls under this ‘problem’ or not, because as per as company, this problem is happening in only a few handsets, which were manufactured between September and October 2015.


So guys, if you have iPhone 6S and are going through this problem, Apple has a perfect solution for it and that too without wasting any extra money.



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