Former doctor reveals that the costly cancer drug don’t help patience

A former doctor, who has a lot of experience in the matter, said recently that the recent costly drug which has been said as the cure for cancer don’t actually help patients. Instead, this will kill the patients.


A former physician, Peter Wise, at London’s Charing Cross Hospital, said that spending huge sums on cancer drug is completely “waste” as it could not save patients from dying.

He then added that “chemotherapy” is the only and best method for cancer, however, it also doesn’t always give life to patients but the chance of extending the life of patients becomes high here.

He also said that other targeted therapy or treatment would help to control the cancer, but still, no medicine provides a complete cure.

Peter advised that there are several fields such as single tumor treatment, more ways of early diagnosis etc. in which we should spend money rather wasting on such “useless drug”.

Peter has written an article in which he explained that in recent decades, cancer treatment has improved a lot but still it needs a huge improvement as curing a patients completing is something near about ‘impossible’.

On the other hand, several other health experts contradict his views and say that the “these drugs” are proven better than a lot of already another method. They also say that “chemotherapy” isn’t completely effective in every type of cancer.


Well, in 2015 UK researchers found a drug, which extended the lives of patients by more than 20 months and since then these debates started.



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