Apple is to start production in US soon

Apple has asked the two iPhone assemblers to look into the possibility of manufacturing iPhone in the United States itself and it seems that soon we will get to hear some positive news.


Well, it all started when president-elect Donald Trump said in his campaign’s speeches that he will increase tax up to 45 percent on the products manufactured out of US (other countries), which according to him force the companies to invest and set up their manufacturing firms in the US itself.

However, this very same trick didn’t work with the FORD as they are still planning to move out of US (to Mexico) for small-car productions.

Now, as far as Apple is concerned, the company has asked its two main assemblers, Foxconn and Pegatron, to find out the best possibilities in setting up firm in the US.

Replying to this, Pegatron has already declined the request by explaining that manufacturing in US means, doubling the cost of iPhones, which obviously the company can’t handle.

Similarly, several experts believe that setting up Apple manufacturing firm in the US means the company will go in a loss because the US doesn’t qualify the minimum conditions for setting up the firm at the moment, which are the cluster of suppliers and availability of other resources at the same place.

Tim Cook, CEO of apple, also cleared that America doesn’t have enough and skilled workers for the production of iPhones.

However, another iPhone manufacturer, Foxconn, is seeing some positive possibilities and can come up with something which every american are waiting.


On the other hand, sources have suggested that government may provide subsidized products to the local companies for better and affordable production.



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