5 Feet Anaconda Found in Virginia Toilet

Suppose, at early morning in the half sleep, you go to the toilet and get to see an Anaconda resting on the toilet commode. What would be your first reaction?


Well, I am saying to imagine this because something very similar happened with a person in Virginia.

Actually, the unnamed person spotted the huge serpent in the bathroom and hence informed the Animal Welfare Department, who reached in minutes and handled the situation.

It has been reported that on 27 December, the Animal Welfare League of Arlington in Virginia received a call raising an alarm regarding a huge Anaconda in the bathroom.

Officers without wasting any time reached to the place and returned with a juvenile yellow anaconda.

Chelsea Lindsey, a member of Animal Welfare League of Arlington, said later “Anacondas are basically native to South America and love living around waters, which could be the reason why it attracted towards the toilet. However, it is not yet clear whether it got into the bathroom from pipes or from normal entrance.”

She added “after seeing the snake, it seemed that it’s a pet snake. In Arlington County, it is not at all illegal to keep a snake like this as a pet but even though, people should research first before getting one.”

Anacondas are snakes which can normal grow up to 13 feet but what the Animal Welfare team rescued was five feet, which proves that it was a young Anaconda.


As of now, the Anaconda is living in the care of snake experts for better and healthy environment.



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