Patagonia plans to donate $10M to charity for environment

Patagonia, the American clothing giant, has announced that the company will donate the $10 million, which was raised during a ‘fundraising campaign for earth’.


The company had previously announced that it would donate all the money raised from sales on Black Friday, however previously they estimated that it would be around $2 Million.

But it was surprising that people turned up on large scales and the total sale racked up to $10 Million.

Now standing on its promise, the company has announced that it would donate all the $10 Million which was raised under the fundraising campaign to nonprofit organizations.

A company official has said to a local media “we had expected earlier that the sale would maximum go up to $2 Million, but it seems that people liked the idea of fundraising and turned up to the store on a very large scale”.

“we noticed several new customers, who never had shopping with us before”, he added.

The company hasn’t yet disclosed, to which groups the money will be distributed. But the spokesperson of the company has cleared that the company would donate everything to the nonprofit organizations, who aim to some serious work in the favor of environment.

Speaking about donation, the spokesperson has also cleared that the company will prefer those who are “underfunded”, and company would also look to the groups who had received funds from the company.


Basically, it all depends on the works you have before, he added.



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