9 Lesser Known Facts about the new President of US, Donald Trump

Donald Trump, the 45th president of United States has taken charge of the office two days ago.


There are a lot of things which most people don’t know about their president. Well, here we have dug up few very lesser known facts about him.

Let’s get started:

#1 When he was just 13-year-old, his parents thought that he needed to learn more discipline and hence sent him to a military school in New York.

#2 He produced and also acted in the reality show called “The Apprentice”. He made around $375,000 from each episode.

#3 Trump never drink alcohol and reports say that after seeing his brother dying of alcohol addiction in 1982, he decided to never drink it.

#4 He has a board game named on him, Trump: The Game, which was discontinued in the year 1989, but later re-introduced after “The Apprentice” became a hit.

#5 His residence, The Trump Tower, was used in the movie “The Dark Knight Rises”. The Trump Tower is a 58-story skyscraper located right in the heart of New York City.

#6 He fears of germs and never wants to come across with any.

#7 Before contesting election for the president of United States, Trump won the California presidential primary for the Reform Party in 2000.

#8 Unlike previous president, Barack Obama, Trump wasn’t poor in his initial days. Trump’s father Fred Trump was also a real-estate businessman.


#9 In past, he had a chance to buy “New England Patriots”, an American Football Team, but he thought that it was a bad investment.
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