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9 Lesser Known Facts about the new President of US, Donald Trump

Donald Trump, the 45th president of United States has taken charge of the office two days ago. There are a lot of things which most people don’t know about their

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Four Dental Myths Which Are Hurting Our Teeth

A WHO report says that between 60–90 percent school going children and almost 100 percent adults suffer from teeth problem, globally. Now, when we know that a large number of people suffer

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Here is Everything You Need to Know About Samsung S8: Rumored Specs

Samsung will surely try to impress its customer, especially after what happened to Note 7, with several new and innovative features in the upcoming smartphone Galaxy S8. As of now,

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5 Dogs Died after Swallowing Cream: Warns FDA

The Food and Drug Administration has issued a warning for the people who own dogs as pet regarding the danger topical cancer cream. As of now, 5 dogs have died

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Bill O’Reilly to Have Sit-Down Interview of Soon-To-Be President Donald Trump

The famous television host and author, Bill O’Reilly, will have a sit-down interview with the president-elect Donald Trump on the Super Bowl Sunday. As per as reports, the program will

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FBI Arrests Wife of Orlando Nightclub Massacre Shooter Omar Mateen

On Monday, FBI has arrested the wife of Orlando Nightclub Massacre’s shooter, Omar Mateen, on suspicion of her links with the terrorist organization, ISIS. The horrifying shootout, in which more

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YouTube Removes Legal Insurrection Video Channel without any ‘Prior Notice’

It wouldn’t be the first time, when the video sharing platform, YouTube, has removed or banned some channel because of copyrights issue, but the founder of the channel has claimed

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Tomb Discovery: Remains of Headless Crocodile Found

A Swedish group of archaeologists, who has been working in Egypt in search of stuff from the medieval period, has now found 12 more tombs, which includes remains of several

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Facebook Announces Journalist Project to Strengthen Links with Media

It’s been one month since Facebook announced its strategy to tackle fake and bogus news on the social media platform, and now the social network has come up with another

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6 Easy and Effective Solutions for Body Odor

We often use perfumes or deodorants to hide our body odor from getting embarrassed in public but are these things a perfect solution for body odor. Well, Joshua Zeichner, who is director