Biometrics and the Future: Why Biometric Identification Is Important

In recent years, more parties have been switching to biometric technology as a way of identification management. Combined with cloud technologies, biometric ID can help streamline the process of identification.


There is another pressing challenge that biometrics can also solve, and that is the increasing population of seniors across America. According to studies compiled by the University of Southern California and its online masters in gerontology department, by 2050, we will see a significant increase of people aged over 65.

Biometrics offers the most consistent way of identifying members of the community. The key metrics used in identification management seldom change, which means seniors can continue to use their fingerprints, retinas and even facial structure to access important services such as social security and home care.

The University of Southern California Online

Regarding the increasing life expectancy of Americans, the full infographic below has all the information you need.


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