3 Ecommerce Trends to Expect for Mens Clothing Online

According to recent digital marketing statistics, the menswear market has grown by 22% in just 4 years – between 2011 and 2015. Today’s male consumer isn’t just investing in sports cars, video games, and groceries. They’re also spending surprisingly more money on men’s trendy clothing – the kind you’d find on Differio.com. More importantly, a lot of guys are shopping for mens clothing online versus in store, especially because online shopping is so much more convenient.



Since trendy mens clothing has seen so much success in ecommerce, clothing e-tailers are putting all their efforts into making their website as consumer friendly as possible. It’s not just about offering speedy delivery and competitive prices. A “customer-friendly” e-store also means creating a product-facing page that’s easy to navigate and displays inventory true to life.


In order to stay competitive, online menswear stores are constantly keeping up with the latest ecommerce trends. Just like how seasonal trends in fashion clothes for men come and go, there’s also a new wave of ecommerce trends that’s constantly rotating annually. From online menswear stores based in the U.S. to Europe, here are the latest commerce trends hitting both small businesses and big corporations around the world.


  1. Voice Shopping

Voice-activated shopping will probably change the way we shop for mens clothing online forever. Aside from not needing to step foot inside a fitting room, you wouldn’t even need to lift a finger to order the latest mens streetwear. Just think – you could order a pair of men’s skinny jeans or colored pants with a simple command.


If you’re not familiar with how voice-activated shopping works, you’re basically using a smart speaker to purchase clothes online. Currently if a website offers voice-activated shopping, the shopper needs to set up a store account along with setting up a form of payment. Since it’s still in the early development phases, unfortunately it still doesn’t work with mobile phones.


  1. Product Video

Is there anything more disappointing than receiving fashion clothes for men that don’t live up to your expectations? This is actually a common issue that affects every mens clothing online store because color and fabric are so tricky to accurately capture on camera. Trendy mens clothing can easily be manipulated by even minor changes in lighting or the way a model is posing.


In order to overcome this issue, menswear etailers are advancing their product display pages by including video footage. While photoshop can work wonders on mens clothing online, product videos are able to show off the extra details that can’t be seen in still images. Now you can really grasp the sheen of a shiny puffer coat or texture of a leather jacket just by watching a five-second clip.


  1. Digital Size Guide

 Aside from accurately displaying inventory, it’s just as tricky for customers to buy men’s trendy clothing that fits properly. This is one of the few – but obvious – disadvantages of shopping for mens clothing online. You could be a guy that loves shopping from a website that sells sexy clothes for men, but fit is also crucial to looking and feeling sexy. If your clothes don’t fit properly, you’re most likely going to return them, right?



To combat this issue, one of the most recent menswear ecommerce trends is updating the size guide. Some websites that sell urban clothing for men, like Differio, include an individual measurement chart for individual products. This is one way of ensuring that the amount of returned items is reduced because customers can find their exact measurements. In addition, some menswear etailers are using digital size charts that can suggest a size by averaging measurements, but there can still be some inaccuracies with size suggestions.



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