Woman finds her missing husband faster than police, using an mobile app

Now a days, mobiles have become a very important part of our lives and why not, it helps us in almost everything from cooking to driving to talking to friends.


And again, proving it’s important, a mobile phone helped a woman in finding her missing husband and that too before police.

Well, an unnamed woman from California, left in tears when her husband didn’t return home on Friday night.

When he didn’t return until morning, she became worried and filed a complaint with police.

Meanwhile, she also kept on trying to track his mobile or vehicle using a mobile’s tracking app.

Within hours, she managed to track his Mercedes, which was in a field behind a building in San Mateo.

The vehicle was crushed completely with her husband inside. She immediately informed the police, who along with a medical team, reached the place.

The car was so badly crushed that they had to take help of Jaws of Life to get her husband out of the vehicle, who sadly pronounced dead at the scene by the medical team.

After a bit investigation, authorities released a statement saying that her husband, a 49-year-old businessman, Jayesh Patel, could have fallen off a highway interchange.

An expert later said, “as of now, it is unclear what caused his death and police is trying to find why and how his vehicle got crashed exactly”.


The investigators are still to find if the Patel was drunk or on some drugs.



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