What Matters to Connecticut Politicians?

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Connecticut is one of the smallest states in the U.S., but it is almost home to nearly four million residents. As Connecticut is situated right next to New York, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and New Jersey, it is also a highly political state. Connecticut is plagued with issues such as crime, immigration regulation, and unemployment, just like it’s larger counterparts. If you have goals of completing an online masters in political science you have to know what the political scene is like in Connecticut. Realize that politicians are elected so if you are going to have a lifelong career in your home state, you need to know what the issues are before you can hope for your name to appear on the ballot.


Property Taxes and Infrastructure

As the third smallest state in the U.S., Connecticut has paid engineers a tidy sum in order to create a system of bridges, roads, and tolls that don’t get clogged up during rush time hours. A lot of residents utilize public transportation whenever possible, but highways can still get gridlocked for hours on end. Then there’s the prevalence of high property taxes in Connecticut as real estate taxes are one of the main ways that the state is able to fund its budget. If you believe that you are going to be the type of politician that people in Connecticut are going to elect, you need to figure out how you can improve the state’s roadway infrastructure while making real estate taxes more affordable.

Illegal Immigration in Connecticut

It is estimated that a million illegal immigrants reside between New Jersey and Massachusetts. In fact, New Haven, Connecticut police, have been alerting the public about ongoing investigations involving violent gangs made up of unlawful immigrants. This is not to say that all persons who were born in a different country are dangerous or engage in unlawful activities. In fact, many communities in Connecticut are made up of proud, productive immigrants who also wish to be protected from dangerous behaviors. Anyone with a masters in political science online who plans on being politically active will need to work hand-in-hand with immigrant communities as well as with law enforcement.

Jobs and Unemployment

A good number of major companies have their headquarters in the state of Connecticut. There are also independently run small businesses that help to keep the residents of this state gainfully employed. At the same time, the cost of living in Connecticut is fairly high. Workers need to earn a moderate income to buy homes, pay taxes and live comfortably. Politicians have to balance attracting major companies to the state with meeting the needs of their delegates.


Most homegrown politicians start their careers in places that they have grown up in, where they know the people and their way of life intimately. Connecticut has a small town feel but it also has the personality of one great big city. You can drive through Connecticut in less than an hour – in good traffic – but you will see an entire new world on your visit.



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