US plans to send 200 more troops to Syria to combat ISIS

Ash Carter, the defense secretary of United States, has said in a press conference at Bahrain, that the US is sending 200 more military troops to Syria to seize the Raqqa back from ISIS.


Raqqa was one of the main city of Syria but now it has become the capital of ISIS and US wants to get it back from their (ISIS) clutch.

Carter added that the 200 additional troops of uniquely trained military personnel will join the other 300 troops which are working actively in the region.

The main aim of these troops will be to recapture Raqqa from ISIS.

Without taking any names, Carter revealed that the partner middle east countries are not providing much military power to combat ISIS in the region and hence they have come up with such decision of sending more troops.

He has also said, “many Sunni-led countries have expressed their concern regarding the spread of Iranian influence in the region, which is also a concern of United States, but they need to understand that to tackle the situation, we all have to enter into the game”.

Adding more, he said, “president Obama has already approved the idea of sending more troops to Syria and the 200 more troops will join the battle against ISIS very soon”.


A defense expert, praising the move, said “increasing the number of troops in Syria would surely help the present troops as well as the local volunteers who are helping the battle against ISIS. The increased number of military personnel can also boost their training”.



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