Tomb Discovery: Remains of Headless Crocodile Found

A Swedish group of archaeologists, who has been working in Egypt in search of stuff from the medieval period, has now found 12 more tombs, which includes remains of several headless crocodiles.


It has been reported that the archaeologists have yet discovered more than 45 such tombs and their finding includes several remains of goats and sheep with puncture mark in their skull along with few headless crocodiles.

After a little research, they concluded that the remains are 3,400 years old.

John Ward, a leading member of the group, talked to Fox News and said “We have received hundreds of remains of different species, including humans. And, it seems that the sheep and goats were sacrificed purposely. But sadly, it isn’t clear yet, what was the need of headless crocodiles”.

“one two-chambered tomb had remains of more than 15 people”, he said explaining their findings inside the tomb.

The group has also found several amulets, necklaces, and ceramics.

He eventually said “it’s phenomenal”, about their new discovery and added, “finding tombs is a dream of every archaeologist, especially in Egypt, and we did it in very short time”.


Along with Ward, Maria Nilsson from Sweden’s Lund University is also part of the team.



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