Thousands of Veterans Protested at Massachusetts College for Removal of US Flag

On Sunday, thousands of veterans came out of their house to mark their protest against the school’s decision of “stop flying all kind of Flags” in the campus.


As per as school, the administration had to come to this decision after few students allegedly burnt a flag to show their protest against the president-elect Donald Trump.

The decision of the school made many people angry and hence to show their ‘protest’ they all gathered. They tried to reach out students to know their views and the inner truth.

A veteran, Jerry Maguire, said in a talk “they took down the flag, it’s ok. But I just want to tell them that it badly hurts me”.

Mayor Domenic Sarno defending the veterans said that “if they (students who burnt the flag) were in some other country, things would be handled little differently and I am sure, no one would like it.”

“Expressing yourself, doesn’t mean demeaning anything”, said one protestor.

Journalists have reported that the veterans were chanting “USA” while protesting.

As per as another report, the whole protest majorly ended peacefully, except few isolated incidents.

The college president, Jonathan Lash, was missing from the protest, according to a local TV.

Another report reveals that ‘flying flags’ in the campus has been one of the major issues, which remained an hot-topic for several years.


For several years,  commemorative 9/11 flags, was a major issue, until  the officials of college decided to fly those flags annually.



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