This is what happens if you wear Contact Lenses overnight

If you use contact lens then there is a huge chance that you have slept overnight wearing them at least once in life.


We all know that eye doctors advise to not to do such things i.e not to sleep with contact lens still in eyes but still we sometimes forget to remove or sometimes we do purposely.

But apart from knowing it generally, most of us don’t know why it is advised to not to sleep with contact lenses in eyes.

Well, a New York doctor, Russell Wohl, explains that our body takes a time to become habitual to any foreign object, such as contact lens, so using it for a long time and that too in initial days can cause serious issues.

Sometimes it has been noticed that people who wear lenses during their sleep, end up with irritation, burns, and bloodshot.

Another major reason is when we sleep we release oxygen to the cornea, which is obviously needed to keep the cornea healthy and well functioning.

This oxygen our eyes also manages to get from other ways, like from Blood Vessels but the amount of Oxygen is comparatively lower. And when we are awake, cornea only gets oxygen from Blood Vessels.

Now while sleeping contact lenses act as a barrier between oxygen and the cornea, which is clearly not good for eyes.

And if cornea doesn’t get enough Oxygen, you may suffer from a condition called, hypoxia.

Not only this, you have also increased the chance of getting infected.

Eventually, he added that falling asleep with contact lenses for one day is normal, no any changes could be noticed.

But if it becomes a regular habit, then the person may notice irritation, burns and a lot of bloodshot.


So, keep your eyes clean, wash it properly and regularly. Keep your contact lenses clean as well.



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