Teen Hacker Claims of Hacking Russian Visa Informations

A teen hacker, who recently has a talk with The Daily Caller, in which he claimed of hacking information of the 3,000 Russian Visa applicants.


In the United States, there are five locations of Russian Visa Centers, where Americans can get Visa for Russia.

Now, the 17-year-old hacker, who is known as Kapustkiy, has said that he works for a group called New World Hackers.

He said, “I hacked the information using a very simple SQL Injection and then I reported the ‘risk’ of hacking to the concerned authorities including CERT”.

CERT is an organization or you can say a group, which handles the incidents related to computer security.

He added “I hacked the information just because I wanted to tell them the consequences of data breach and to show that there is a ‘loophole’ in the current system. I have already contacted the authorities and made them aware of the consequences when a Black Hat Hacker would hack them”.

Kapustkiy, who describes himself as a White Hat Hacker or ethical hacker, also says that neither he or his group has any plan to disclose the information to public at large.

He has also said “I simply want these authorities to understand and make their system more secure so that no any “bad hacker” could think of hacking it”.

Speaking on the matter, the attorney of the center, John Shoreman, said “we have talked to the security agencies and they have cleared that the VISA Website wasn’t hacked. It might be the calendar, from where the data was hacked.”

He then explained, “The concerned authority shares the calendar of appointments with the consulate office of the Russian embassy”.


However, FBI and Homeland Security are notified to investigate the matter.



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