Study Reveals that Shoppers are Moving to Online Market on Large Scale

In recent few years, the number of online shoppers has increased unexpectedly.


People now feel safer and comfort in shopping sitting on their sofa than going to the shop and having a conversation with the store staff before buying a particular stuff.

A Recent statistic shows that the percentage of retail shopping has dropped nearly to 10 percent this year, as compared to last year.

Shoppers are now preferring the online world to get what they want because it’s easy, comfortable and also affordable (in some cases), said an expert.

As per as data collected before Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday, the percentage of online shopping has increased by almost 18 percent from the last year.

Tamara Gaffney, Director of Adobe Digital Insights, said that the study was carried out by analyzing more than 22 billion hits on retail websites.

As per as RetailNext, the shopping has decreased by 11 percentage on retail shops as compared to last year on these days.

Another expert believes that people are more attracted towards these way of shopping because they feel that there is no chance of “forgery”. He said, “And Yes, at some extent, this is true”.

“People also get lots of coupons, discounts while buying stuff online”, he added.

Amazon has cleared that this year, people shopped using mobile, more than normal desktop. The company also cleared that Thanksgiving Days have become one of biggest mobile shopping days on its site.

The world’s largest retail chain, Walmart, has cleared that more than 60 percent orders were received from mobiles.

“People like shopping while on the go and apps make it possible”, says one expert.





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