Seven Reasons Why Your Eyes are Bloodshot with Solutions

Reddening in Eyes is quite a common thing, but do we really know what it could happen to eyes or how we can get rid of such bloodshot.


Explaining the condition and its cure, Andrew Holzman, Eye Expert from Maryland, said that there are 7 usual possibilities behind this redness of eyes.

So, here are 7 reasons and how to cure them:

#1 Dry Eyes 

Eyes usually become dry and with dryness it causes irritation and inflamed in eyes. This inflammation, sometimes become the reason of redness.


  1. Bling eyes more often while working on screens.
  2. For every 20 minutes of eye work, focus on something far for 20 seconds.
  3. Wash eyes on a regular interval.

#2 Allergies 

Another biggest reason of redness in eyes is allergies. It can also make your eyes itchy.


  1. Apply cold compresses on eyes on every 15 minutes.
  2. Talk to Doctor if the problem continues.

#3 Medicine 

It has been studied that few people notice redness in eyes while consuming some specific medicine as the medicine indirectly dries their eyes.


  1. Talk to a doctor and ask for external eye drops for the dryness and redness.

#4 Not Enough Sleep 

If you are not getting proper sleep then you can notice redness in eyes.


  1. Try to get proper sleep
  2. Wash your eyes before sleeping
  3. Apply some eye drops (after consulting doctor)

#5 Drinking Habits 

Alcohol relaxes the blood vessels, which increases the blood flow and hence bloodshot are seen in eyes.


  1. Use eye whitening drop (after consulting doctor)

#6 Smoking 

Smoke generally constrict the blood vessels, causing the eye dryness and hence redness.


  1. Try Quitting Smoking.
  2. Give fresh air to eyes as these problems usually are long-term.

#7 Ocean Swimming 

The salt water usually ends up drying your eyes and hence redness.



  1. Wash your eyes with fresh water.
  2. Next time, Try wearing Goggles while swimming.



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