President Obama says “Trump is Dangerous for Whole World”

While addressing people in North Carolina, president Barack Obama said that the Donald Trump is not only dangerous for America but also for the whole world, because of his policies towards minorities.


President added that only Hillary can continue the “good work” started by him and if Trump becomes president, everything will change.

One the other hand, Trump while addressing people, said that if Hillary becomes president, then American would go through constitutional problems.

He added that Hillary may have to face ‘criminal accusation’ and America couldn’t choose someone like her.

Well, it all seems obvious here as the FBI has started investigating the email issues, which was earlier closed, again just before two weeks of the presidential election.

A senior member of the democratic party said few days that FBI’s decision of investigating the emails again, is “politically motivated” and also added about FBI chief has some close relations with Trump and Russians and that’s the reason why the act is “politically motivated”.

President Obama also included in his speech that he believes that FBI will take every possible & right action to find the truth.

However, he also added that he believes that Hillary will get a clean chit like she got earlier.

As per as reports, FBI had news that between 2009-2013, when Hillary was foreign minister, she used a private mail server, which illegal for a person sitting on such post.

And FBI had already done the investigation, but recently it has received more emails and hence FBI decided to launch the investigation again.


However, the timing of the investigation is quit questionable.



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