Massachusetts man ordered to stay away from Ariana Grande

A man from Massachusetts has been ordered by the honorable court to stay away from an American singer and actress, Ariana Grande after he’s found guilty of harassing her.


It has been reported that a harassment case was lodged on 31 years old, Timothy Normandin, from singer side.

Explaining the case, a prosecutor said that the man, Timothy, sent gifts and text messages even after she asked him to stop for hundreds of times.

Explaining more, another prosecutor said “in 2014, Timothy even traveled to New York and Connecticut, in an attempt to talk to Grande. Not only this, he was continuously sending messages, posts and pictures over social media and also texted hundreds of times.”

Grande had also reported that Timothy was sending unwanted gifts including rocks from White Mountain, candles, and pumpkins.

On Tuesday, hearing the case, the court ordered Normandin to stay away from Grande otherwise, he would have to face serious punishment. Source: celebrity news

Reporting the judgment, The Amber Portwood, wrote: “Normandin is found guilty in the harassment case lodged by Ariana Grande and has been kept on probation for three years”.

The report added, “He has been also ordered to stay away from the singer and never try to establish any type of contact in future”.


As per as another report, the court clinician found that he was mentally ill and said: “Timothy has several mental issues and one of them is, delusional disorder – a kind non-bizarre of delusion of thinking”.



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