How to Create a Successful Email Marketing Campaign

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most successful platforms for developing stronger customer relationships, improved brand awareness and greater conversion rates. What’s more, you can automate an email to ensure it arrives in an inbox at the right time to the right customer. Want to learn more? Here’s how to create a successful email marketing campaign.


Don’t Send Spam

Every business should aim to provide their subscribers with meaningful messages that aid their browsing or shopping experience. You must avoid sending irrelevant emails to a person’s inbox, or they will be happy to click on an unsubscribe button.

Data Driven Emails

The best way to send relevant content to the right customer is via segmentation, which allows you to separate subscribers into different lists. The more you learn about your subscribers; the more meaningful the content you can provide them with, as each group’s needs adjust the messages they receive. Such an approach prevents customers receiving a generic, one-size-fits-all email.

Data is one of the most effective tools for segmentation, as you can use the information you have acquired to send content customized to a subscriber’s needs. Customers will sign-up to your email newsletter because they want to hear more from your company. During the sign-up process, aim to learn a little about who they are, such as their gender and age, so you can deliver relevant messages to match their requirements.


Exceptional customer service makes a customer feel special, and this mindset must extend to your email marketing campaigns. Aim to personalize your emails by adding a customer’s name in the subject line to encourage them to read on. You can also use the data acquired to send subscribers a voucher code on their birthday which will encourage them to make a purchase on your website and boost those all-important conversion rates.

Automate Your Emails

Marketing automation makes the process of engaging with your customers a doddle, as you can schedule emails in advance and deliver them to your subscriber lists. For instance, you can automatically send an email to a first-time shopper to thank them for their purchase. Alternatively, you can provide a loyal customer with a discount code as a reward for their custom.

From welcoming a customer to your subscriber list to wishing them a happy birthday, marketing automation can send out a personalized message in an instant, allowing you to focus on the smooth running of your business.

Monitor a Campaign’s Results

Marketers should dedicate time to monitor their email marketing results to identify where they are going right or wrong. Discover how many people received, opened and clicked on links throughout the email. Also, compare different campaigns to identify the most successful tactics.


You can also review an individual’s behavior with an email marketing campaign. For example, is a retail subscriber only interested in dresses? If so you can avoid sending content irrelevant to the individuals needs and instead deliver emails that match their preferences. As a result, you may receive a bigger response rate and, most importantly, a higher ROI.



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