Government requests for Facebook data is increased by 27 percent

Facebook has released a report his week, explaining that rate of governments worldwide requesting user’s data has increased by 27 percent from the second half of 2015.


Actually, Facebook has released this data for the first half of 2016, which explains that there is around 27 percent increment in the data requests (around 60,000) from all over the world as compared to second half of 2015.

Facebook states that the working officials study each request very carefully and solves accordingly. And in 80 percent of cases, Facebook shares the data of users with the concerned authority.

Explaining more, the Facebook says “sharing the users’ data with government is not its first priority, but in certain emergency cases where an imminent risk of serious injury or harm is involved, the company has to co-operate with the authorities”.

Stating about the statistics, the company explains that the major portion of requests for users’ data had come from the United States only. Among 23,854 requests from US government; 13,742 were related to search warrants. There were several requests for IP address tracings and subpoenas.

Around 500 requests were under Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.

A few days ago, Facebook has reported that the company is working on a platform to tackle “false or fake contents or those contents which violets local laws” and it hopes, with that platform more than 50 percent of requests would decrease.


It is believed that because of false and fake content, Facebook suffered a lot in recent past and one of the major false news was, “Pope Francis Endorsing Donald Trump”.



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