Facebook plans to launch LinkedIn-Type job post and apply feature

The biggest social media platform has now all set to launch a LinkedIn-Type job posting, searching and applying feature.


Well, the company is testing the new features, which could allow people to post a job, search for some particular job and then apply for a certain job.

A spokesperson from the company has confirmed that the company is launching such feature very soon and it is necessary because people usually use their “page” or “group” to offer a job, which is not a standard way.

Unfortunately, the company hasn’t revealed anything extra but it seems obvious that company is aiming to find a new way to connect people across the world.

As per as the previous report, one in six people on this earth was using Facebook, but the recent revealed something else, as now one in four people use Facebook.

To beat the e-commerce players, Facebook has already launched its marketplace, which allows people to buy and sell their product or services directly on the Facebook.

Facebook has also launched its workplace, which is specially designed for the working people and their colleagues or in short we can say an office based Facebook.

The company must be now seeing the growing popularity of LinkedIn in recruitment field and hence it is planning to launch such feature.

If we understand the popularity of LinkedIn, then we should know that in past few years, LinkedIn has added billions of users and millions of users have got their dream job, using just LinkedIn.

LinkedIn provides a very huge and elaborate platform for the recruiters to post their job.


In past few years, LinkedIn has become a trustworthy recruitment platform.



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