Facebook Announces Journalist Project to Strengthen Links with Media

It’s been one month since Facebook announced its strategy to tackle fake and bogus news on the social media platform, and now the social network has come up with another project which aims to strengthen links with media.


Fidji Simo, Facebook Director of Product, has written a blog post explaining what they are thinking and want to build. He wrote “Facebook will collaborate with several news agencies to understand and learn the journalism. In short, this will help our system to understand the requirement of users.”

He added, “we are also working with publishers and educators in order to find how we can deliver required knowledge to each user in this digital age”.

In other words, we can simply understand that Facebook new project will lead to a new format of personalized information or news for every user.

Simo has also written that they are working on a completely new format, which aims specifically on the needs of each user.

In last few months, Facebook has come up with several strategies to improve the News or Information on the social network.

Just a month ago, it announced the strategy of handling fake news, which includes a button that a user can use whenever he/she feels that a news is fake.

If a large number of users report the same news, then the internal agencies of Facebook start checking.

Once they find the news fake, it gets marked differently and people can now know that this news has nothing to do with reality.


Facebook is really working very hard to bring real and fresh news on its platform for people.



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