Doctors Raised Concern after Five Babies Born in New York City with Zika

Doctors of New York City have raised an alarm after 14 Zika infected babies born in the city. Five of them are said to be infected with congenital Zika virus syndrome.


Officials of Department of Health and Mental Hygiene have immediately issued a warning and also urged women to not to travel in such areas, which have reported Zika related evidence.

As per as reports, after July this year, four babies are born with Zika related symptoms in the New York City itself and the department of health has reported that the first reported baby was born on July 22nd.

Another report of The New York Time says ‘as of December 2nd, more than 900 people have been found positive with Zika related symptoms and around 300 of them are pregnant’.

Dr. Mary T. Bassett, City’s Health Commission, said to The New York Times, “Seeing current situation, we can say that Zika is still a threat for the pregnant ladies and the newborns”.

He then added “we are very closely monitoring the newborns, who are born with Zika symptoms and also keeping a sharp eye on the mothers who are already infected. We abide to provide the best possible things to our people, especially in this critical situation”.

Suggesting women of the city, he said: “women should avoid traveling to such areas which are Zika-Prone”.


According to an article, published in November, thousands of families have been affected by the Zika virus, which majorly transmitted by mosquitoes but can also be transmitted from one human to another by sexual connections. It can also be transmitted from pregnant woman to her child.



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