Death Toll Rises to 33 in the WareHouse Fire in Oakland

The terrifying fire incident at Oakland Warehouse, which was also known as Ghost Ship, has recorded a death count more than 30.


As per as reports, the incident occurred on Friday night, when more than 100 people were gathered for a party.

The authorities have recently confirmed the death 33 people in the incident but they have also cleared that the death count may rise in future, as they have only searched a part of the building and a large area is still untouched.

Sunday evening, the department had released the identities of 8 victims among 33. Four of the victims were from Oakland, three from other cities. Police haven’t released the identity of the eighth person.

County Sheriff’s Sgt. Ray Kelly has cleared that one of the victims, was the son of Alameda County sheriff’s deputy.

Another report reveals that the family members who are gathered at the office may be asked to go for DNA test, in order to identify the victims.

The warehouse, an illegal home for dozens of people and on Friday night more than hundred of people were gathered for a party.

Just before midnight, the fire broke out. Few local residents immediately raised the alarm, but by the time, emergency services reached on the spot everything was messed up.

An another report claims that the local residents had filed a complaint around a month ago, which stated that people were living illegally under than “dangerous building”.


Oakland police have launched an investigation to find out the real cause of the fire.



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