Death count because of Thunderstorm Asthma reaches 6

Six people have reportedly died because of the Thunderstorm Asthma, which struck the second largest city of Australia, Melbourne, on Monday, say officials.


The last victim, who was in intensives care for days, died on Saturday night, a report reveals.

The health department of the country has released a statement explaining that five more people are still in intensive care unit and three among them are very serious.

Apart from these five, 12 more people are hospitalized for the same issue but are not in danger, explains doctors report.

The government issued an emergency warning just after the storm, which affected more than 4.5 million people (government figures) and nearly 8,500 people are still in hospital for treatment.

Experts explain that in Thunderstorm Asthma on Monday, rain-sodden ryegrass pollen grains got exploded and then got dispersed over the city. The tiny pollen particles then penetrated to the lungs of the people, causing breathing problems. A large number of people have reportedly suffered the asthma attack and hence got hospitalized.

As per as reports, the world has witnessed the first ever thunderstorm asthma in 1987, which surprisingly happened in the Melbourne itself.

However, there are several reports of similar incidents from the United States, Canada, Britain, and Italy. The last huge thunderstorm asthma happened in Melbourne, which crashed the city in November 2010.


The health department has issued a notice explaining that the condition would soon become normal and there is proper treatment going in hospitals and the hospitals are trying their best to treat the affected people.



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