Dartmouth College’s Neighbors are Worried of Pollution from Pile of Dead Mice

People who live around the Dartmouth College Campus, have been suffering from several health issues because of the pollution created by the dead mice and other small animals, which are being disposed on the property for years.


Actually, the property is the center for disposing of dead bodies which have become ‘useless’ to the Ivy League school.

But now the dead bodies have become a serious problem for the neighbors living around the property, as it has started affecting their health.

A neighbor, Debbie Higgins, who has reported about the adverse effect of pollution at first, says “initially, it wasn’t a big deal but now the pollutants have contaminated the groundwater, which eventually affects everyone who drinks that water.”

She adds “many of us, who drink from the same well, have started to get stomach, skin and other health related issues. Not only humans, our pets also suffer because of the polluted water. One dog urinating blood while other one vomiting.”

Few other residents say that the property was also used in the 60s and 70s to dump carcasses from “tracer experiments,” in which scientists used radioactive compounds to see how things moved through life systems.

In 2011, Dartmouth cleaned up almost everything and removed around 40 tons of rotten carcasses.

“But it seems that they didn’t do it properly, as it has started showing the ‘bad side'”, says one neighbor.

Meanwhile, Dartmouth researchers did a test of 110 drinking wells and found that Mrs. Higgins’s well is contaminated. Luckily, other wells are as of now in the safe zone.


Now they have come up with a task to clean the area.



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