CIA Director Warns President-Elect over ripping up Iran Nuclear Deal

The CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) director, John Brennan, has warned the president-elect about the adverse effect of canceling the nuclear deal with Iran.


He said that the decision of calling off the nuclear deal with Iran could be “destructive” and a “foolish” decision.

In a talk with BBC, the CIA director explained that he (Donald Trump) should continue the deal with Iran and other countries and also advised him to be careful about the Russian promises.

Actually, Trump during his election campaign said several times that he would ‘cancel’ the nuclear deal with Iran and work with Russia on several platforms, if he becomes president.

Now, several experts believe seeing his (Trump) new team that he would go with his words and cancel the agreement with Iran and work with Russia.

John Brennan said “canceling the nuclear deal with Iran could encourage the extremists and it would also increase the chance of other countries to start their own nuclear program seeing the Iran.”

Talking about the condition of Syria, John said: “both President Bashar al-Assad and the Russians are responsible for the massacre of Syrian people”.

He added “the last government had been working on a policy of supporting those who were fighting against the president Bashar al-Assad. And Trump should also continue the same trend for the safeguarding of Syrian people.”

“In future, the role of Russia will be very important in Syria and seeing the new team of Trump, it seems that he has plans to work with Russia, instead of working against”, he added.


John Brennan, who is about to retire in January next year after serving almost four years as Director of CIA.



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