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Here is Everything You Need to Know About Samsung S8: Rumored Specs

Samsung will surely try to impress its customer, especially after what happened to Note 7, with several new and innovative features in the upcoming smartphone Galaxy S8. As of now,

Nano Sports News

Addiction to Vicodin Ruined My Career: Reveals a Former NFL Player

A former NFL player, whose career was on a start, but because of the addiction to Vicodin, he lost everything in life. The player has revealed himself, the darkest truth of his life.

Nano World News

Plane Makes Emergency Landing After Hitting a Bird

A plane was forced to make an emergency landing after it hit a bird, minutes after it had taken off. As of now, no any injury has been reported and

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Boston Non-Profit Organization Teaches Yoga to Homeless Women and Children for Free

A Boston-based Non-Profit Organization has taken an initiative and started teaching Yoga to homeless women and children as the organization believes that it would calm their internal and external pains.

Nano World News

US plans to send 200 more troops to Syria to combat ISIS

Ash Carter, the defense secretary of United States, has said in a press conference at Bahrain, that the US is sending 200 more military troops to Syria to seize the

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CIA Director Warns President-Elect over ripping up Iran Nuclear Deal

The CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) director, John Brennan, has warned the president-elect about the adverse effect of canceling the nuclear deal with Iran. He said that the decision of calling off

Nano Environment & Science News

Death count because of Thunderstorm Asthma reaches 6

Six people have reportedly died because of the Thunderstorm Asthma, which struck the second largest city of Australia, Melbourne, on Monday, say officials. The last victim, who was in intensives

Nano World News

Tennessee School Bus Driver charged for crash, 6 dead, 35 injured

A Tennessee school bus driver got arrested after he crashed his bus, which killed 6 students and more than 35 are injured. The unfortunate incident reportedly happened on Monday evening, when

Nano Health & Medical News

NCAA honoring Pete Frates, who inspired ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Remember the Ice Bucket Challenge which was a quite famous last year, in which people were pouring a bucket of chilling water onto their head. Well, the person behind this

Nano World News

Court finds the rape suspect not-guilty after serving jail for 28 years

A shocking news is floating from Colorado, where a man has been released by the court after serving for 28 long years as the victim woman clarified that “she had

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