Apple reveals its planns regarding self-driving car

As we all know that the giant companies like Google and Ford are working the self-driving cars but recently Apple has also admitted that the company is also looking into the field of automated stuff including transportation.


Well, there were lots of rumors saying that “Apple is working automated machines”, but the company had never accepted this in public but a recent letter to the US Transport Regulators has revealed that the company is very much interested in the field.

The letter to Transport Regulator reads, “the company is very excited about the potential of automated systems in many areas, including transportation”.

An another report claims that Apple has recently also registered several internet domains related to car and vehicles, such as or

A five-page letter, written originally by the Steve Kenner, director of product integrity, which requests the regulators to avoid making ‘so-many’ rules on testing and using of self-driving cars. Steve has also requested that the new entrants and the established manufacturers, who already working on such project, should be treated equally and should be given equal power and rights.

He has also written that the established companies, who have tested several automated cars till now, should share their data of crashes and other issues, so that other companies could work on finding something more reliable.

However, eventually, he even has added that the privacy of the company should not be compromised on sharing such data.


In October, the electric car making company, Tesla, has cleared that it all new cars will have hardware installed on a self-driving car.



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