An Injection Can Save You from Being “FATHER”: Research

There are still several ways which can effectively save you from being a father but scientists have recently come up with an “injection”, which is way more effective than other means of avoiding unwanted pregnancies.


A research, which was carried out by American Scientist, included 270 men between age 18-45. The results were really surprisingly, the “injection” was proved effective for 96 percent men.

However, several minor (or maybe major) side effects are noticed including acne, mood swings etc.

In the research, scientists made all the 270 people to establish a regular sexual relationship with their partner for one complete year.

Before starting, everyone went through a proper examination to check if they were healthy.

In time span of one year, they were given “injection” on each eight weeks.

Explaining the research, a scientist said: “we were researching for more than 20 years, in order to develop a safest hormonal contraceptives for men”.

“During research, we were finding a way to stop the formation of new sperms but the challenge was, there shouldn’t be any side effect”.

“And finally we made it”, he added.

Usually, in a normal healthy man, the speed of sperm formation is around 15 Million Per Liter and in research, the idea was to decrease the rate to almost 1 Million Per Liter.


The “injection” is still on testing period, but we hope, something incredible is soon to come.



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