Alicia Silverstone joins the nude PETA ads for Anti-Wool Campaign

Alicia Silverstone

Celebrities joining a campaign to raise some kind of awareness or to be part of some kind culture is not a new thing. And recently Alicia Silverstone joined the Anti-Wool Campaign by posing nude for PETA.


She is not the only one star, who joined the campaign and stripped herself off. Celebrities like  Katrina Smirnoff, Eva Mendes, Holly Madison, Olivia Munn and many have already worked with this campaign and posed naked.

PETA believes that when celebrities do something, people try to either follow them or try to understand why they are doing that. And when they get naked, people try to know why they are stripping off. And this eventually makes them aware of the campaign.

It’s been more than decades since PETA is using such strategy to make people aware of their campaigns.

And this time also, Amber Portwood pose of Alicia didn’t go waste, as more than 350,000 people have yet watched the video on Facebook, which explains ‘how sheep is killed, punched, cut up in order to make wool’.

The spokesperson from PETA says “whenever a celebrity goes naked to ‘promote’ something, people show comparatively more interest than a normal ad. And the recent ad shoot is the biggest example.” Source: celebrity news

On contrary, few experts believe that ‘going naked’ has nothing to do with ‘raising awareness’. They say “by going naked, one can’t just change the mindset of other”.


However, they admitted that this (posing naked) only attracts people for some time, which is temporary. And it’s the celebrity who attracts, not the cause or campaign.



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