7 Things You Need on Every Camping Trip

Camping Trip

There are often many things to pack ahead of a camping trip, which can lead to you forgetting essential items. Yet, there are must-have items you must add into your camping gear. Here are the seven items you should pack on every camping trip.

  1. A First Aid Kit

You and your fellow campers may unfortunately experience a variety of bumps, burns, scratches and cuts. For this reason, it’s vital to pack a first aid kit to help treat any sustained injuries when camping. So, make sure it’s the first thing that you pack in your bag, and take it with you on any excursions.

  1. Folding Knives

Folding knives will take up minimal space in your camping gear, but you can guarantee they will be one of the most used tools in your kit. The folding knives you take will be ideal for chopping food, cutting branches, opening bottles, or sawing bits of wood, so look for a lightweight, compact option that could make or break your camping experience.

  1. A Pack of Matches

Every camper will need to light a fire on a trip. If you’re unable to do so, you can trust the nights will be very cold and you’ll have limited food options. So, carry a pack or two of matches, and ensure you store them in a safe and dry place, which should be located away from children.

  1. A Lantern or Flashlight

A light source will help you to find your way to the bathroom in the dark, or help you to check on your fellow campers in the middle of the night. We therefore recommend packing a flashlight or lantern in your camping gear, as this will be essential in the case of an emergency.

  1. A Compass and Maps

Don’t rely on GPS to find your way through a campsite or along a hiking trail, as there is often limited signal in various remote camping areas. So, forget modern technology and reconnect with traditional tools, such as maps and a compass, in the chance your reliable GPS lets you down.

  1. Herbs & Spices

Add a little flavor into your campsite food by taking various herbs and spices with you. It’s a great way to transform a simple dish, so you and your campmates can enjoy delicious camping meals each day. Take different spices with you to create different dishes each day that you all will love.

  1. Alternative Clothing

Never believe the weatherman when heading off on a camping trip. While the sun might be shining, there is nothing stopping the weather from taking a turn for the worst. Don’t take any chances when it comes to your health and happiness, and ensure you pack alternative clothing in your gear, so you’ll have a warming jacket or an extra set of dry clothes should the heavens open.


Have you got any top tips for a successful camping trip? Share your advice and stories by posting a comment below. We would love to hear from you.



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