5 Serious Warning Signs that You Have Alcohol Problem

No any doctor in this world says that drinking alcohol on a daily basis is a good for health. Well, they know that it only damages our body, nothing else.


However, an addiction treatment therapist, Sarah Allen Benton, has said: “it’s not the amount, which matters but it’s the relationship with the alcohol”.

She added “alcohol plays a different role in different lives. Sometimes, drinking a little amount daily is fine but sometimes it’s not. It’s completely depended on how your body reacts to alcohol.”

Addiction Psychiatrist, Daniel Hall-Flavin, of Mayo Clinic, says “there is no any hard-n-fast rule when it comes to the amount of alcohol consumption. In other words, it completely depends on how much you can handle without affecting your mental and physical health.”

Irrespective of how much you drink daily, if you feel something odd, then it’s not good for you. And here we have come up with few warning signs, which show that alcohol has become a problem for you:

#1 If you think about drinking, whenever you feel sad or worried about something. Additionally, you also choose to consume alcohol to cope with physical pains. Look, these are symptoms of depression or stress.

#2 If you have started drinking more comparing to one year ago, then you need to think again as you are consuming more amount of alcohol, which is obviously not a healthy practice.

#3 If you always think about drinking alcohol, no matter what you are doing, then you need to see a doctor as it has become a serious addiction.

#4 If you think/decide to not to drink for some time and it becomes unbearable for you, then you surely need help.


#5 If you started acting differently or strangely whenever you are drunk, then alcohol is affecting your mental abilities and hence you need to get checked up.



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