5-month old baby along with his grandmother and uncle died of fire on Christmas eve

A heart-breaking news coming from Pennsylvania, where a 5-month old boy and his grandmother along with uncle died in a home fire on Christmas Eve.


It has been reported that the five-year-old kid along with his grandmother and uncle were alone in the home, a two-story building in Pittsburgh, when the fire broke out, killing all the three.

Authorities have identified the victims as Linda Tschudi, 50, Michael Tschudi Jr., 29, and 5-month-old Gabriel Glikis.

Fireman, Martin Jacobs, later explained that when they reached the scene, the adults i.e. grandmother and uncle were found dead at the bottom of the stairs while the dead body of the kid was lying on the second floor.

The cause of fire is still unclear and authorities have launched an investigation to find out the actual cause.

Talking about the family, a man next door, Justin Smith said “I was in my apartment and knew about the horrifying incident when firefighters came. Officers also helped me and family to get out of the apartment safely”.

Later the neighbors cleared that the kid’s mother was out for last-minute Christmas shopping, leaving the 5-year-old in custody of the grandmother.

Jerris Glikis, who introduced herself as kid’s aunt, said that the baby was spending some good time with his grandma while all other members of the family were preparing for the Christmas celebration.


She added, “they’re amazing people, always smiling, they shouldn’t have suffered like that and that too at Christmas time”.



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