5 Dogs Died after Swallowing Cream: Warns FDA

The Food and Drug Administration has issued a warning for the people who own dogs as pet regarding the danger topical cancer cream.


As of now, 5 dogs have died reportedly.

On Wednesday, the FDA explains about the toxicity of these cancer creams. The agency says that five dogs have reportedly died after swallowing the cream accidentally and few are still in the hospital, getting treatment.

The Fluorouracil Cream (topical cancer cream) is used in certain kind of skin condition in which skin tends to grow rapidly and the cream acts as an anti-growth engine by killing those cells.

FDA adds that even small amount of the cream is dangerous for the pets.

Explaining about the incidents, the officials from the FDA said “in one case, the dog somehow managed to puncture the tube using its mouth before the owner saw and snatched the tube. Hours later, the dog started vomiting and suffering seizures. The family them took the dog the vet, but sadly it was too late and after 12 hours, the animal died”.

Adding one more, the officials said “in another incident, one dog swallowed the cream and in minutes, his condition became bad to worse. The animal was taken to a veterinarian, but it also died after several days of treatment.”

The FDA has advised the people who live with pets, to keep these medicines out of their reach, so that nothing could go wrong to their loved pets.


On a safer note, officials of FDA also advised keeping these medicines away from little kids as it may be dangerous for them as well.



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