3 Dead in Massive Wildfire in Tennessee

As of now, three people are reportedly dead in the massive wildfire, which affected more than 14,000 people and yet more than 250 buildings have been damaged.


Concerned authorities have already raised alarm in the nearby areas of wildfire and thousands of people have evacuated the place and gone to a safer place.

Reports explain that the wildfire ignited somewhere around Great Smoky Mountain region and now it is expanding its area.

As per as emergency services officials, 12 people have been taken to hospital with non-life threatening injuries and doctors believe that they would soon recover.

The local Emergency Management Agency released a statement saying that around 10 homes have been directly affected, including an apartment complex and 10 story hotel building.

A staff of the hotel, Linda Monholland, said: “I left the hotel with five other colleagues in the evening when I noticed the horrifying scene”.

“we all were surrounded by flames and yet in that situation, we had to walk for 20 minutes before we got rescued by the emergency services”, she added.

Adding more, she said, “there was fire everywhere and we all stayed at Rocky Top Sports World, which is an 80-acre sports facility but it has been turned into a shelter for the wildfire rescuers”.

As of now, authorities have issued a state of emergency of level three and are working to evacuate the areas of Gatlinburg, Mynatt Park, Park Vista, Ski Mounty.


Authorities have requested the people to keep clear the road so that relief materials can reach to the needy at the earliest.



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