27 Died After Drinking Poisonous Alcohol in Pakistan

More than 25 people are dead and dozens other have become ill after drinking poisonous alcohol on the night of Christmas.


As per as local authority, this shocking incident happened in the Punjab, Pakistan, where people who were enjoying Christmas drank this “local alcohol” and died.

Well, it all started when people went to buy alcohol at the local shop on a large scale before Christmas. Seeing the sale, the seller thought to make more profit and hence brought “local alcohol” from some unknown vendor on cheap rate.

People without knowing the truth bought the local alcohol and continued their party.

A police report explains that many of those who had drunk “local alcohol” did not rise from their beds while other got sick and were transferred to local hospital.

The local authority, while talking to BBC, said: “around 40 people have been admitted to the hospital and few of them are in very serious condition”.

Sadly, no identity details have been disclosed as of now but it is said that two people who died were Muslims and others were Christians.

The investigating team has officially declared that amount of poisonous methanol in the “local alcohol” was high, which caused immediate deaths.

Two months ago, a similar incident happened which killed around 11 people and surprisingly that incident was also in Punjab, Pakistan.

In Pakistan, Muslims are forbidden from buying or consuming alcohol in Pakistan, as the Muslims believe that it is a non-religious practice.


But despite this ban, the authorities agree that several people buy and consume alcohol illegally.



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