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Supermodel Karan Oberoi considers Cristiano Ronaldo as the Ultimate Style Icon

Karan Oberoi is an Indian supermodel with great style and jaw dropping physique, with more than 300 fashion shows he has walked and hundred plus commercial and fashion photographers he

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3 Ecommerce Trends to Expect for Mens Clothing Online

According to recent digital marketing statistics, the menswear market has grown by 22% in just 4 years – between 2011 and 2015. Today’s male consumer isn’t just investing in sports

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How (and Where) to Wear White After Labor Day

The fashion world has a litany of rules and standards to which even the richest and most fashion-forward are beholden. Watch your hemlines. Don’t be too “matchy matchy.” And, the

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How to Survive the Early Years of Marriage

Getting married is the beginning of a new and lifelong journey with someone that you love. It can be full of positive feelings of love and commitment, but it can

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How to Deal With Negative Emotions

Life is unpredictable, and there are particular situations that may cause you to become upset quickly. The truth is you’re going to have to learn how to manage better and

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How to do the Best for Your Child When Getting a Divorce

Whether you asked for it, your partner did, or you both came to a mutual decision, divorce is never an easy road, and this is only heightened when you have

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Movavi Screen Capture Studio Review

Screen recording can be used to create a lot of different types of videos, or save any content that you want from your screen. Aside from being frequently used to

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5 Interesting Things to Start in Your Spare Time

If you’re like the vast majority of U.S. residents, when you get home from work, you likely plop on the couch in front of the television and stay there for

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New Career Opportunities in Business Analytics

Business analysts provide a great value to organizations. These professionals have the capabilities of completing diverse functions that are generally freelanced or outsourced, becoming pillars that are foundational to the

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Alternate Methods for Managing Pain

Acute pain is the way that nature advises that there is something wrong and that attention needs to be paid. However, chronic pain is a signal that is practically useless