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US plans to send 200 more troops to Syria to combat ISIS

Ash Carter, the defense secretary of United States, has said in a press conference at Bahrain, that the US is sending 200 more military troops to Syria to seize the

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Foxconn, the iPhone Manufacturer for Apple, wants business expansion in US

Foxconn Technology Group, which mainly manufactures iPhone and other electronic devices for Apple, has said that the company is looking to expand its manufacturing plants in the United States. The statement

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Doctors Raised Concern after Five Babies Born in New York City with Zika

Doctors of New York City have raised an alarm after 14 Zika infected babies born in the city. Five of them are said to be infected with congenital Zika virus

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Seven Reasons Why Your Eyes are Bloodshot with Solutions

Reddening in Eyes is quite a common thing, but do we really know what it could happen to eyes or how we can get rid of such bloodshot. Explaining the condition

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Kylie Jenner Poses with Huge Snake in Calendar Shoot

The 19 year old, television celebrity, Kylie Jenner, has finally released few photos from the latest calendar shoot and trust me, these pictures are too hot to handle. On Sunday

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Death Toll Rises to 33 in the WareHouse Fire in Oakland

The terrifying fire incident at Oakland Warehouse, which was also known as Ghost Ship, has recorded a death count more than 30. As per as reports, the incident occurred on

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Apple reveals its planns regarding self-driving car

As we all know that the giant companies like Google and Ford are working the self-driving cars but recently Apple has also admitted that the company is also looking into

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Anna Faris reveals that “cheating rumors” made her “insecure” towards Chris

Marriages are never easy and when you are from Hollywood, you have to deal with rumors and gossips, which are just manufactured by few ‘insane’ people to either defame or

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2 Dead, 4 Injured in attack at Baltimore Store: Police report say

Six people were reportedly shot on Wednesday evening around 6PM in front of a store, 2 of them are dead, police say. It has been reported that an unknown and

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Samsung Plans to Revolutionize the Selfie Camera in Galaxy S8: Sources

It wouldn’t be surprising if Samsung will come with something very amazing in its next Galaxy S8 device in terms of camera performance. And the recent rumors are explaining something