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More than 26 People Killed in Congo protests: Sources

Security Officers killed more than 26 people who were protesting against the current President of Congo Joseph Kabila, say reports. It has been reported that the military forces were firing bullets recklessly

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Boston Non-Profit Organization Teaches Yoga to Homeless Women and Children for Free

A Boston-based Non-Profit Organization has taken an initiative and started teaching Yoga to homeless women and children as the organization believes that it would calm their internal and external pains.

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Expert to investigate what made a large tree to fall on wedding party in California

After the large tree fell on the wedding party, killing one woman and injuring seven other people, authorities have now initiated an investigation to find out the actual cause behind

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Facebook Comes Up with Strategy to tackle Fake-News

Spreading the fake or potentially sensitive news on social media is kind of day to day thing, but Facebook has finally announced its strategy to tackle such information. It’s not

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PayPal sends a Legal Notice to Indian Startup, PayTM

In India, where after demonetization, people are switching on a large scale to cashless payment modes and one of the mode is PayTM, which has become highly popular all of sudden.

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More than 14 Percent of Commercial Pilots suffer from Depression: Says a Survey

There are around 140,000 commercial pilots working worldwide flying more than 3 billion people each year and hence we as passengers, expect a pilot to be mentally and physically healthy. But

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Off Duty Firefighter saves 30 people from carbon monoxide poisoning

Around 30 people were affected after the deadly gas started leaking in a restaurant in Clemmons on Saturday, reported a local newspaper. The police department said to the local media

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Massachusetts man ordered to stay away from Ariana Grande

A man from Massachusetts has been ordered by the honorable court to stay away from an American singer and actress, Ariana Grande after he’s found guilty of harassing her. It has been reported

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Four Best and Powerful Tablets of 2016

2016 is about to end and we can now loudly say that the year has been best for the gadget geeks. Now, here we have come up with a list

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Starbucks have become a new stop for Pokémon Go Players

Just a few days after the Pokémon Go developer company, Niantic, has signed a bond with America’s largest cafe chain, Starbucks, more than half of the Starbucks Café have become