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Twitter is thinking about a ‘edit’ button for tweets

Those who use Twitter know the irritation of not having an option to edit the tweets. Well, it personally happens with me as whenever I accidentally make a typo mistake,

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Plane Makes Emergency Landing After Hitting a Bird

A plane was forced to make an emergency landing after it hit a bird, minutes after it had taken off. As of now, no any injury has been reported and

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Dartmouth College’s Neighbors are Worried of Pollution from Pile of Dead Mice

People who live around the Dartmouth College Campus, have been suffering from several health issues because of the pollution created by the dead mice and other small animals, which are being

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Teen Hacker Claims of Hacking Russian Visa Informations

A teen hacker, who recently has a talk with The Daily Caller, in which he claimed of hacking information of the 3,000 Russian Visa applicants. In the United States, there

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27 Died After Drinking Poisonous Alcohol in Pakistan

More than 25 people are dead and dozens other have become ill after drinking poisonous alcohol on the night of Christmas. As per as local authority, this shocking incident happened

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Former Wham Singer George Michael Dies of Heart Failure

Former Wham Singer, who was highly popular in the 80s and 90s, George Michael at the age of 53 because of heart failure. It has been reported that Michael had

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5-month old baby along with his grandmother and uncle died of fire on Christmas eve

A heart-breaking news coming from Pennsylvania, where a 5-month old boy and his grandmother along with uncle died in a home fire on Christmas Eve. It has been reported that

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Government requests for Facebook data is increased by 27 percent

Facebook has released a report his week, explaining that rate of governments worldwide requesting user’s data has increased by 27 percent from the second half of 2015. Actually, Facebook has

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5 Serious Warning Signs that You Have Alcohol Problem

No any doctor in this world says that drinking alcohol on a daily basis is a good for health. Well, they know that it only damages our body, nothing else. However,

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Woman finds her missing husband faster than police, using an mobile app

Now a days, mobiles have become a very important part of our lives and why not, it helps us in almost everything from cooking to driving to talking to friends.