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Lesser Known things about WWE star, Brock Lesner

Brock Lesner is not a personality who needs any kind of introduction, but even though, you must be not knowing several hidden facts about him. Well, today we have come

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Almost 200 refugees die while crossing Mediterranean Sea

As per as recent news from United Nation Refugee Agency, almost 200 people have died while crossing the Mediterranean Sea near Libya. The report from the UN Refugee Agency explains

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President Obama says “Trump is Dangerous for Whole World”

While addressing people in North Carolina, president Barack Obama said that the Donald Trump is not only dangerous for America but also for the whole world, because of his policies

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Adobe Fix, Sketch and Comp CC are launched for Android

If you are an iOS user, you are familiar with these apps as they are already available for the iOS but on Wednesday, company has launched all three apps for

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An Injection Can Save You from Being “FATHER”: Research

There are still several ways which can effectively save you from being a father but scientists have recently come up with an “injection”, which is way more effective than other

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Navigating the Murky Waters of the iPhone Case Industry

The market for iPhone cases is huge. Almost 9 in 10 iPhone owners (87 percent) choose to encase their phones. The lion’s share of the phone case market is taken

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5 Industries that have been Transformed by Technology

The rapid pace at which recent changes in technology has transformed many industries is baffling. These technologies are saving time, money, and manpower, which then translates into higher efficiency and

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Trump is far ahead on social media while Hillary in Live Surveys

It would be interesting to see which one will win, social media star or a survey star. Well, as per as new reports, Donald Trump is far ahead in social

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Xiaomi comes up with something really ‘incredible’ and you would love it

As we all know that the current smartphone market has become very competitive, which make every phone making company to think ‘out of the box’. Well, doing something similar, a Chinese

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Father requests live on TV to get his transgender son killed

A transgender woman (previously a man) got killed after her father pleaded live on TV to get her killed. It’s said that for a father, his children are everything but