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California woman gives birth to a child, who is actually her grandson

48 year old, Megan Barker, never knew that one day she would give birth to her own grandson, but it became real and she is very happy. Well, it all

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Japan issues warning of Tsunami after earthquake of 7.4 magnitude

On Tuesday morning, Japan felt an earthquake of magnitude 7.4 and after this, the Japan’s Meteorology Agency has issued a strong warning of Tsunami around the coastal areas of Fukushima.

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Monkey attacks on a girl, which sets off deadly tribal clash in Libya, 20 dead

So far, 20 people are dead in the clash between two tribe group in Libya which started a few days ago after a pet monkey of one tribe attacked the

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Apple is calling back iPhone 6S on randomly shutting-down issue

Apple has recently announced that those handsets (only with iPhone 6S) which are suffering from a specific battery problem, causing it to shut down unexpectedly, can be repaired free of

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Study reveals that possibility of breast cancer is found more in black women than white

A recent study, made by the UK Cancer Research Organisation, which has revealed few shocking figures regarding the rate of breast cancer in women. The study says that black women

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In next 10 years, Pakistan would become third most nuclear-powered country

A recent report clears that Pakistan would become the third largest nuclear weapons holding the country in the next 10 years if they continue the speed of production what they

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Chinese robot attacks on a man after breaking the glass booth

During a tech fair in China, something really weird happened, as a robot broke its glass booth and attacked a man, leaving him badly injured. As per as few witnesses,

Nano Health & Medical News

Important Factors to Consider Before Starting a Career in Health Care

Do you want to work in the health care sector? Every year, thousands of people decide to start working in health care and it’s often their first step towards a

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Attack on Mosque in Kabul, 27 People are Killed

As per as reports, 27 people are dead in the deadly bomb blast inside a Mosque in Kabul, Afghanistan. However, the international media is reporting only 9 deaths but the

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Facebook announces its plan to help people in crisis

In past few months (or years), we have seen several new features on Facebook and one of the very interesting feature is the “Safety Check”, which asks users if they are