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Facebook has already developed “News Feed Software” for Chinese Market

As we all know that Facebook is banned in China. Well, not only Facebook, if we talk about Google and Twitter, then they are also blocked in the China by

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Couple Planted Fake Bomb to Kill Police Officer, Got Arrested

A couple in Birmingham planted a fake bomb near to a school on Wednesday, in hope that when police officers would come, they would shoot them to death, as per as

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6 Proven Ways to Manage Extra Fat

The festive seasons are on doors and these are the time when people earn an extra layer on their body. And for those, who want to enjoy every bit of festivals

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Oscar Winning Production Designer, Paul Sylbert, Dies at the Age of 88

Paul Sylbert, who became very much popular after his win in Oscars for the best Production Designer for “Heaven Can Wait”. As per as reports, he died on November 19 and

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More than 70 people are hospitalized due to Carbon Monoxide exposure

In Ohio, more than 70 people were taken to hospital after they suffered serious breathing issues due to exposure of Carbon Monoxide. As per as reports, the Lorain County Automotive Systems,

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Driver who crashed bus in a tree, killing 6 students, had no alcohol or drugs

The Tennessee driver who crashed his school bus into a tree, killing 6 little kids and injuring more than 35 people, wasn’t on drug or alcohol, says report. The Monday

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Apple sets one day sale on Black Friday

Last year, Apple decided not to go with Black Friday sale, but this year it has again announced the sale which will be one day only, on November 25th. Well,

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Experts reveal how happy couples deal with problems

No matter how strong and loving a relationship is, having fights and arguments are as common has eating food or doing some regular stuff. But most of us, who have

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Alicia Silverstone joins the nude PETA ads for Anti-Wool Campaign

Celebrities joining a campaign to raise some kind of awareness or to be part of some kind culture is not a new thing. And recently Alicia Silverstone joined the Anti-Wool

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Tennessee School Bus Driver charged for crash, 6 dead, 35 injured

A Tennessee school bus driver got arrested after he crashed his bus, which killed 6 students and more than 35 are injured. The unfortunate incident reportedly happened on Monday evening, when