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CIA Director Warns President-Elect over ripping up Iran Nuclear Deal

The CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) director, John Brennan, has warned the president-elect about the adverse effect of canceling the nuclear deal with Iran. He said that the decision of calling off

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This is what happens if you wear Contact Lenses overnight

If you use contact lens then there is a huge chance that you have slept overnight wearing them at least once in life. We all know that eye doctors advise

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3 Dead in Massive Wildfire in Tennessee

As of now, three people are reportedly dead in the massive wildfire, which affected more than 14,000 people and yet more than 250 buildings have been damaged. Concerned authorities have

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Plane Carrying Chapecoense Football Team Crashed, 71 reportedly dead

A chartered plane, which was carrying Chapecoense Football Team, crashed Monday night, killing more than 70 people. The Brazilian first division football team was traveling from Santa Cruz, Bolivia to its next stop,

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Patagonia plans to donate $10M to charity for environment

Patagonia, the American clothing giant, has announced that the company will donate the $10 million, which was raised during a ‘fundraising campaign for earth’. The company had previously announced that it

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Skin Expert Gives Tips to make Skin Winter Ready

Winter season is about to hit the door and we all must have several plans for the winter season. But one of the very sad part of winter, which I

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Study Reveals that Shoppers are Moving to Online Market on Large Scale

In recent few years, the number of online shoppers has increased unexpectedly. People now feel safer and comfort in shopping sitting on their sofa than going to the shop and

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Thousands of Veterans Protested at Massachusetts College for Removal of US Flag

On Sunday, thousands of veterans came out of their house to mark their protest against the school’s decision of “stop flying all kind of Flags” in the campus. As per

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Seven Energy-Boosting Foods every Person Should Eat

Foods are a great source for getting and maintaining the flow of energy in our body, but not all the foods are energy boosting. Experts have revealed the names of

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Death count because of Thunderstorm Asthma reaches 6

Six people have reportedly died because of the Thunderstorm Asthma, which struck the second largest city of Australia, Melbourne, on Monday, say officials. The last victim, who was in intensives